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House refurbishment are not an easy task. Even if we do not undertake renovation works ourselves, please commission it to a professional company. Finding a team providing comprehensive renovation services may prove burdensome. That is why we encourage you to read the following tips to make the best decision for which you will certainly not overpay.

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Refurbishment companies in London

Complete renovation without stress

To avoid unnecessary stress during renovation works in our flat, it is worth focusing on proper preparations. A major renovation is a very general term. It may cover some different services such as wall renovations, ceiling renovations, tiling, interior painting, white-ware installation or parquet floor laying. That is why in the first place we should carefully list all renovation services we are interested in.

With a general renovation of a flat already in mind, we will know which renovation companies we will need at all. It is rare to find a team that takes care of all the commissioned activities. It is all the more advisable to prepare a plan of all the changes we want to make in our own home. This way, it will be easier for us to assess which renovation services should be done first and which ones at a later date. Also, check out everything you should know about renovation costs.

Renovation companies – how to find a trusted renovation team?

Renovation of flats carried out on a professional level is offered only by a few companies. We have to expect that some teams are not entirely familiar with what they do. This is due to the desire to make quick money and a very high turnover of workers. In this way, renovation of flats can be carried out by renovation companies without proper qualifications and experience.

To avoid unpleasant consequences of making a wrong choice, we should check all renovation companies providing given services, including complex renovation and construction services, which are within our area of interest. It turns out that their offer does not always translate into specific skills.

Therefore, first of all, we should pay attention to references and realizations of particular companies. We can, for example, see which companies provide renovation services in London or another city. In this way, it will be easier for us to get any opinions on a particular company’s actions. It is best to rely on recommendations from friends who have recently undergone a capital renovation themselves. It will then be easier for us to assess the quality of work done and get a reliable assessment.

For some people removing old tiles or installing ceilings on frames is not a complicated task. However, performing these and many other works carelessly, using low-quality building materials, will probably cause many problems. They may arise immediately after the renovation or only after some time. Therefore, before we decide to carry out a general renovation of the flat, we should carefully check what kind of company we are dealing with.

As mentioned before, flat renovations are not limited to painting walls or laying tiles. There may be more activities to be performed. When searching for a company, we must carefully read its offer. It may turn out that renovation of ceilings and renovation of walls are included in the standard range of services, in which we will not find any white assembly or parquet floor laying.

After planning all renovation works that we have to deal with, we should search for particular companies that will deal with their realization. Usually, renovation teams have their websites on which all services performed by them are listed. This is how we will determine whether the chosen team offers installation of plasterboard walls, sanding of corners or painting of walls. Sometimes we will be confronted with one company’s choice, which works comprehensively, without getting acquainted with its references, or several companies dealing only with selected things. As you can guess, the more companies will be involved in our flat’s renovation, the more we will pay for labour. On the other hand, however, we can count on a much better quality of services provided.

General flat renovation – price list

How much does a flat renovation cost?

There is no clear answer to the question of how much does a renovation cost. The final price will depend on many different factors. First of all, all the work we want to do. Moreover, in the case of particular activities, very often, we will encounter quite extensive price ranges.

The answer to the question how much does it cost to renovate a flat will also depend on the experience and references of a particular company. Usually, companies offering flat finishing services, which have been on the market for many years, will charge more than teams just trying to acquire any client. We must also look at the differentiation of renovation service rates according to where they are performed. So the renovation rates will be much higher in London than in a small town or village. However, we have to reckon that in London, as well as in other agglomerations, we achieve much higher earnings. At any time we can send to a selected company a query in the form: “how much does it cost to renovate a flat” with a request for an estimate.

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