What should you think about before renovating your flat?

by krzys

The consequences of a poorly planned renovation of a block of flats can be catastrophic: littering the area, collapsing walls, the need to renew a devastated lift or cage. It is, therefore, necessary to think carefully about the necessary steps before starting this project.

Planned construction work should be reported to the appropriate authorities (cooperatives or communities or state administration bodies). In the case of planning the demolition or modification of load-bearing walls, this can only be done according to the relevant engineer-constructor design.

Repairs are rich in waste, which must not be disposed of with regular trash. It is necessary to hire a particular debris container of appropriate size for this purpose, which will guarantee proper disposal of the repair waste. It is worthwhile to include in the budget the cost of renting a container from day one so that it is possible to dispose of the trash right away so that the work goes more efficiently and the site can move more freely. The container must have a lid to protect it from being thrown into it by outsiders. It is also essential to organise a temporary or portable toilet for the renovation team. For this purpose, you can buy a new one at a favourable price in the offer or use the old unnecessary one, which will perform its functions for the time when the renovation is taking place.

It is good to inform your neighbours about the planned renovation works so that they can prepare for the temporary inconvenience. Regardless of that, you should follow the building regulations and do not exceed the hours in which it is allowed to perform activities disturbing the peace of the tenants. Good relations with neighbours are essential, especially in situations where it is necessary, for example, to turn off the water. Repairs are not only construction work, but also the duty of the team to clean up the cage after each other every day. Bringing in construction materials and the rubble removed contaminate stairs. The maintenance of the lift is another point on the list of things to plan. A thick cardboard plate is enough to protect the floor and walls from scratches or damage.


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