Renovation of flats and offices in London

by krzys

Our company offers complete renovation of flats and houses. Starting from demolition works in old houses and flats, from removing old plaster, concrete or wooden floors, demolition of furnaces, to the execution of electrical installation, hydraulic installation, execution of cement-lime or gypsum plaster, pouring new concrete floors to all subsequent turnkey repair/finishing works. We perform demolition services, including rubble disposal – we take care of everything from A to Z. A specialist company handles rubble disposal – disposal is safe for the environment.

Then, after the old flat is brought to the developer’s condition – after plastering and flooring, we proceed to complete the complex finishing of the flat / house. In the case of a new flat in a developer state, we skip the earlier stage of demolition and demolition works, then plastering the walls and flooding the floors – we immediately proceed to the comprehensive renovation of the flat / house or selected rooms.

XMX London, renovations start with detailed arrangements with the client, from understanding the client’s needs, from understanding their expectations towards the apartment/house being renovated or from checking the architectural design if a competent architect previously prepared it. If the client does not have architectural design and is interested in creating it – we cooperate with experienced architectural studios and offer clients the creation of a ready-made architectural design.

What is essential is that a well-prepared architectural design will save time during the renovation or finishing of the interior itself. Well-designed drawings of rooms, projections, drawn-out contours of furniture, plasterboard, tiles on walls, floor panels – in a word, a well-designed on paper flat/house will allow you to carry out the renovation quickly and efficiently, avoiding changes in the decision when the customer sees what he or she has previously imagined in his or her head. Of course, changes in customers’ decisions always happen, even though a well-prepared plan to renovate the flat / house is in place – of course, we respect every decision of the customer. We understand that everyone wants to have a unique interior in which they will feel at home. We know that for some people, the very idea of renovation can be stressful. Expertly, professionally, quickly and stress-free – renovation of a flat / house is the XMX London company.

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