How to increase the price of a flat for sale?

by krzys

Properly planned actions, from a well-thought-out renovation to laying cushions on the sofa, can increase the value of your flat by up to several thousand pounds! Before we put an apartment up for sale, it is worth considering what we can do to earn even more from the transaction, but at the same time not to unnecessarily strain our budget.

We have prepared ten ways that will make the valuer value the apartment more, but also ways that will affect the positive perception of the interior by potential buyers. With such a severe transaction, it is necessary to take care of every detail and show buyers that the flat is well maintained, has a good atmosphere and will be pleasant to live in.

Careful renovation

The value of the flat will be most affected by the renovation works to be carried out in it. It is worthwhile to invest in elements which are permanent in the flat, e.g. replacement of the electrical system, new floors, smoothing walls or replacing tiles. Buying a new fridge or TV will not bring such an effect, because the expert will not take such equipment into account in the valuation. Often, buyers also move in with their things, so there is no point in burdening them with something left by the current owner.

It is worth remembering to bet on universal patterns or colours. Smooth, white tiles or panels in natural wood colour will suit everyone. However, dark flooring or pastel glaze is now a thing of the past.

The investment that will ensure the “wow” effect will be to add a balcony. Even a tiny space outside the building will make the flat even worth a dozen or so thousand more, and buyers will immediately be able to imagine themselves drinking coffee in the morning sunshine.

Refreshing the walls

Gaps, fungus or cracks on the walls are not the views that a potential buyer wants to look at. And drying, smoothing and painting walls is an expense of up to several hundred zlotys. It is worth doing it even on your own. A painted flat immediately seems cleaner and newer. It is best to paint all walls and ceilings white so that the buyer will have the impression of a larger space, which he can arrange according to his preferences. It is also worth mentioning that white paint is most comfortable to cover with any other colour.

Community changes

Already a few months before the planned sale of the flat, it is worthwhile to attend housing community meetings regularly. You can find out there what changes will be made to the block of flats and lobby for investments which will increase the value of our apartment (e.g. thermal modernisation, renovation of the staircase or revitalisation of the area in front of the block).

If we know that in the nearest future, for example, the staircase will be repainted, it is worth refraining from publishing the announcement until then. We do not need to invest anything, and we have a chance to make a better impression on the buyer before he even crosses our door.

Installations which increase safety and reduce maintenance costs

If we have an additional budget, it is possible to invest in solar panels which will reduce the cost of maintaining the flat or solutions which will have a positive impact on its safety (e.g. alarm or video intercom).

Minor repairs

A fundamental issue that we should deal with before we even start presenting the premises is to make minor repairs. You can do it yourself or order a specialist, but first, you have to assess the scope of the work. It is worth to install sealing strips in windows and doors (thanks to this it will be warmer in the flat), repair a leaking sink, tighten hinges in cabinets or replace blinds that are jammed and light bulbs that have burned out.


Once everything is fixed, you need to clean thoroughly, that is

  • wash the windows,
  • wipe the dust from furniture, radiators, slats and contacts,
  • scrub the floor,
  • remove the stone from the faucet, toilet and shower,
  • Clean all traces of cooking in the kitchen (including the tile joints!).

This way, even if the flat is not the latest one, it will seem sterilely clean and neat.

Removing personal items

Every potential buyer tries to imagine what their furniture or accessories would look like in the new space. It isn’t easy to do this if the flat is collapsed with the seller’s furniture, posters or trinkets. So before publishing an advertisement, it is a good idea to remove all your items and tidy up space as much as possible.

Home staging

Home staging is a technique which, without renovation, will make the flat look better. You can hire a specialist, or you can do it yourself:

  • Remove personal belongings and those that give the impression of chaos.
  • Decorate the bed.
  • Hang colour-matching curtains.
  • Buy fruit and put them on the kitchen plate and take care of the flowers that will decorate the living room.

It is best to rotate around one colour in these accessories so that everything fits together.

Investing in professional photos

If we already have a tidy and adequately decorated flat, it is worth presenting it properly. It is best to hire a photographer who specialises in photographing real estate and will show our apartment in the right light and frame. Our home staging techniques are of no use if we take pictures in the evening with an ordinary camera on the phone. In such conditions, even the most polished interior will not look good.

The atmosphere during the presentation of the flat

Once we have published an advertisement and made an appointment to present the flat to interested parties, it is worth taking care of the right atmosphere. We can buy fresh flowers, lightly scented candles or bake cookies, the scent of which will evoke a pleasant atmosphere from the doorstep and make the shoppers feel at home.

When we prepare a flat for sale, it is worth taking photos of it and letting someone from outside, for example, a friend, evaluate its condition. It is easier for a stranger to show us the shortcomings which we overlook ourselves every day. Then we will be able to remove them in advance and not lose the opportunity to sell them with a satisfactory profit.

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